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"Reading our reviews is so heartwarming. We love healthcare and we want that to show in how we treat our patients. You put the "family" in family care. We thank you."

- Florence Fon, Founder & CEO

Google Reviews (20)

5/5 Stars

Facebook Reviews (7)

5/5 Stars

Tawnia - 5/5

I am an Iraq war vet and wounded warrior that has been trying to find relief from pain and PTSD for over 7 years through the VA. I'm telling you, Liv On is a breath of fresh air. Their professionalism, knowledged staff, and true passion to help people live better lives is what we all deserve. And you will find it there. I was placed in the medical program through them, and now for the first time, I am gaining ground on better managing my symptoms that were getting in the way of living healthy. Thank you to Fon and the staff for being awesome people.

Tyler - 5/5

Very professional and knowledgeable staff. They truly care about each customer, they will do everything they can to help.

Jeremy  - 5/5

This is a great clinic! The staff were all professional, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!

Kenneth - 5/5

After my very first visit I honestly feel like I lost weight in my head. This place is awesome and very customer service is wonderful

Dani  - 5/5

Just saw the almost finished clinic and it is beautiful! Everyone was so hard at work and so friendly! The staff was so kind, u could see the excitement and dedication on everyone's faces, such a beautiful location as well! See great things ahead for you all!

Jacqueline - 5/5

I'm so excited for this clinic to open. Great location. Florence Fon APRN,FNP-BC is an amazing provider. White Bear Lake community will be lucky to have her.

Chester - 5/5

Nice clean place. Friendly staff.

Kristine - 5/5

So excited for this clinic to open.

Asaba - 5/5

Welcoming ,neat and experienced workers

We thank you all for your warm & kind reviews.

Liv On will continue to provide every patient with care and support. We hope to see you soon.

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